Fearless Self Respect


The Great Ancestor, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, spoke of three keys to eradicating racism in what is being considered her last interview December 2015.  Embellishing her 3-principles, I suggest three great ways to Next-Step OuachitaMuur sovereignty; (1) Fearless Self Respect; (2) Simple Discipline; and (3) Self Educating.



OuachitaMuur Must… love ourselves as we Naturally are.  This includes our consciousness (mind); our bio-body; and our KA (soul/spirit).

Next, OuachitaMuur Must love others that look like us… as naturally as they are.

Then, OuachitaMuur Can love everyone for who/what they are… without feeling any intimidation from other cultures.

Re-Member:  There is no truth in self respect without fearlessness.

Re-Member... the letters in the word “love” (in English) can be reserved to form the word “evol” or evolve. As we evolve in our inner-standing of who we are; we are able to love in truth and respect ourselves fearlessly… as we naturally are.  Fearless Self Respect will overcome the desires to be like cultures other than OuachitaMuur … like wanting light skin, straight hair, low vibration and rhythm, etc.

While the OuachitaMuur live in a environment that promotes supremacist ideas; the OuachitaMuur culture is to (a) meditate, (b) pray, (c) study and (d) seek for connection with the OuachitaMuur ancestors and ancient ways.  Thus the path and practice of Next-Steps for OuachitaMuur evolution that leads to fearless self respect.

Afro Clipart Liberation Flag

Re-Member:  Identity is very connected to self respect.  OuachitaMuur evolve towards a daily practice to:

-wear OuachitaMuur hair naturally;
-safely nourish OuachitaMuur skin with low UV ray sunlight;
-eat and drink organically as possible;
-support other OuachitaMuur; and never allow any politics to separate them from other evolving tribes;
-practice and celebrate OuachitaMuur culture.

Again, the ultimate goal to getting on the path of Fearless Self Respect is Love and Evolving. By practicing love for the natural lifestyles of the OuachitaMuur; and evolving the consciousness of the OuachitaMuur; intimidation from other cultures is eradicated.

Thus… Fearless Self Respect.

To My Beloved OuachitaMuur Tribe, Stay Well, Stay Woke, Stay Warm

Asante Ashe


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