CIAARA Reparations Draft v072019


Continental Indigenous Afro-American Reparations Act (CIAARA)
collective demands for healing and repair

What is CIAARA?
A great injustice was instituted upon the melanated indigenous pherSuns of America when groups of European colonist invaded the continental lands of what is now called North, Central and South America.

To heal the wrongs committed; both the land and generations of pherSuns negatively impacted must receive reparations.

With out justly providing reparations; continental America will never be at Balance again. Without reparations; America will continue down a path of chaos and toxic destruction.

Reciprocity will come. But it is better for us to participate in reparations now; than to wait for universal natural principles to do all the balancing by force.



Who Must Get Reparations?
Before European colonist invaded the lands of continental America; a diverse group of highly melanated Americans inhabited the lands; and were wrongfully enslaved by the colonist.  These pherSuns include:

      1. Indigenous Afro-Americans – there is evidence communities of highly melantated indigenous pherSuns lived on the continent at the same time, (if not earlier) than the ancient civilizations of Africa; however their artifacts don’t show how they got to the continent.
      2. The Olmecs – Africans from the Mali Empire came to the Americas through the Gulf of Mexico and created Meso-American societies;
      3. Afro-Native Americans – Asians migrated throughout the continent and became Native Americans; these Asian Native Americans mixed with the Ancient Indigenous Afro-Americans; and the dark skinned Native Americans were classified as African slaves by European colonist.
      4. The Moors and Blackamoors – from the 7th though the 15th centuries; generations of children were born in the Americas of AfroArab Moor explorers;
      5. African POWs – West African prisoners of war were kidnapped/sold and brought by force by Europeans as slaves; the POWs mixed with the Ancient Indigenous Afro-Americans, Olmecs, Native Americans and Moors/Blackamoors; and are therefore now the modern generations of the Indigenous Afro-Americans;WindCurrentMap

SEVEN-Key Platforms for CIAARA:
In an attempt to get America back to Balance; the following platforms are designed and justified to re-storing pre-colonization practices and principles to our lands.

  1. Education
    Education Package:-CIAARA schools must be built and teach from an Indigenous Afro-American perspective;

    -CIAARA school buildings must be constructed using Pher Ankh architecture;

    -CIAARA schools will provide education for ages 3 through 23;

    -Degrees for higher learning will be offered through the CIAARA Educational System;

    -CIAARA curriculum will include:   -excelence in reading from right to left and in the opposite direction;    -excelence in writing from right to left and in the opposite direction;    -Afro-American indigenous languages and cultures;    -Afro-American history, archeology, literature and colonization truths;    -philosophy and rhetoric from ancient African cosmology;    -math using rhythm alongside music and symbolic expression;    -science centered around nature and the universe;    -respect earth and nature ecology;    -ethics in humanity;    -yoga and mediation alongside fitness and athletic options;    -psychology focused on mentalism and the 7-principles of Tehuti;    -sociology and civics focused on sovereignty and freed Land;


  2. Health Care
    Health Care Platform:-Only holistic healing practices will be funded through CIAARA;

    -Every CIAARA patient must receive knowledge based information to “heal thyself”;

    -Dietary and nutritional choice support will be provided through CIAARA;

  3. Housing
    Community Housing Platform:-Every CIAARA machriach will be given options for safe and adequate housing for their guardianship in a CIAARA community;

    -CIAARA support will Not be used for housing communities outside CIAARA communities;

    -CIAARA communities will following Pher Anhk planning;

    -CIAARA houses will follow Pher Anhk architecture;

    -CIAARA communities will NOT be policed;

    -CIAARA communities will be governed using matriarchy practices;

    -Every community will contain CIAARA supported:
    -health services
    -multi-level educational systems
    -independently secured utilities for power, water and waste
    -community gardens
    -markets of trade led by the matriarchs
    -protective security led by community warriors
    -labor representation

  4. Labor Organization
    Labor Union Platform:-Any and All pherSuns a part of a CIAARA community will be provided with free union representation funded by the reparations act.
  5. Training
    Adult Training Platform:-Every CIAARA community adult will be offered the opportunity to complete an occupational training program no matter age or ability;

    -CIAARA supported training programs must focus on providing skills to the participant that provide a means for sovereign living;

    -CIAARA training programs must encourage healthy lifestyles, respect for nature and be taught at the level the participant is needing;

    -Matriarchy practices and Queen Mother Rights of Passage (not limited to feminine principles) will be funded and provided by CIAARA training programing;

  1. Ancestral Annuities
    Annuity Payment Platform:Inside each Indigenous Afro-American runs the blood of an ancestor that was forced to work and do other labors without fair pay if any. For continental America to heal from the evils of slavery on our lands; and repair from unjust abusive labor practices; annuities must be paid to living generations of the Indigenous Afro- American. Therefore annuities in the form of currency will be distributed to CIAARA community members as such:

    -annuity payments will be received by a representative matriach for those under her/his guardianship;

    -all CIAARA community members will receive an annuity allotment by way of their guardian matriarch;

    -the amount of allotment a guardian matriarch receives will depend on their household/community size of CIAARA community members;

    -guardian matriarchs must have sucessfully completed a Queen Mother Rights of Passage And/OR matriach governship certification to manage annuity allotments;

    -allotments will be paid in the form of crypto-currency or gold;

    -90% of all CIAARA allotments must be used within CIAARA communities except for very rare pre-approved situations;

  2. Sovereignty
    Sovereign Indigenous Afro-American Communities:CIAARA communities will be set-up across continental America. In most cases; the communities should be land that has not already been spoiled by over commercialization and industrialization. When land is identified as good for a CIAARA community; the jurisdictional government of that land will use imminent domain to release the land. There will be no limit to the number of CIAARA communities that will be set-up across the continent. Each CIAARA planned and operational community will be privately reserved. No policing authority will be given jurisdiction; or allowed to enter for any reason/rational that violates supreme universal natural law. It is advised all CIAARA community members live, work and go to school on CIAARA land. However, if any CIAARA community member is accused of a crime outside a CIARRA community; that member must be given the opportunity to be judged by community matriarchs. CIAARA communities will be secured and protected by CIAARA funded Defense Operations.

    Black Fist

How CIAARA Will Be Funded
Reparations for CIAARA will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Corporate Share:-Not less than 50% of ALL gross receipts from ALL incorporated entities operating on the continent of America;

    -corporations with 100% share-owned members of CIAARA communities will be exempt;

    -a corporate share base will be set at the activation of the act; and the corporation will not be allowed to lower that base thereafter without extensive justificational evidence;

    -corporations that revert to sole proprietorship or partnerships after activation of the act will keep their corporate classification as a “CIAARA Corporate Share” entity;

    -if a corporation claims bankruptcy; CIAARA will be the first recipient of liquidations; and if the entity re-organizes they will resume their Corporate Share responsibilities;

    -if a corporation moves it’s operations to neglect enforcement of paying its CIAARA Corporate Share; it will not be allowed to do business, make transactions or provide any type of service on the continent of America or with American customers until it resumes sharing;

  2. Funding Currency:
    Gross profits will be collected and distributed in either gold or BitCoin.
  3. Member Taxes:Income taxes collected on CIAARA community members by employers operating outside CIARRA communities must be directly remitted to CIAARA funding accounts on a quarterly basis.

    Clean World

It is only by making a honest and sincere attempt to repair the wrongs of slavery and abusive colonialization that our American Lands can heal.

This outline and draft does not detail the specifics on how the suggested platforms should be executed.  But we must start now to bring back the value of sovereign living to give future generations of Americans the opportunity to live quality lives on our beautiful land.

Please.  If there is anyone out there willing to help me to further expand on these platforms to formalize a document; please contact me at your earliest convenience.


We need all types of pherSuns sincerely committed to healing our continent to collaborate NOW for the sake of a clean, beautiful, naturally healthy America… Again!

Asante, Ashe!

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