7-Levels for Turning DNA into Information

A Theory 4 Getting 2 the Info Our Ancestors have for Us…

There are levels to this sh*t…”

DNA Data Image

Prerequisite: Be-live there R No Coincidents!

Level 1: Gnois- Gnow the information is safely stored in your DNA. The DNA is a database of details about who you are; how you got here; and what you came for.

Level 2: Energy- Energy is Never destroyed. Throughout our bio-bodies are many energy centers used to power the processes we need.

Level 3: Seek- When we seek through meditation and other means to practice using our pineal gland; we can send queries through our energy centers.

Level 4: Melanin Synthesis- Melanin is an intelligent khemical that can send and receive messages using our energy centers. Healthy melanin can easily grab DNA data. But to get healthy melanin; we must have good melanin synthesis practices. This includes syncing with nature and the cosmos.

Level 5: Akashic Records– Our DNA data is arranged into records designed to be formatted into intelligence reports.

Level 6: Re-Membering- When the reports come to us via dreams, thoughts, visions, etc.; we must be-care-ful our artificial programming doesn’t cause us anxiety, (fear, doubt, confusion). But rather, we take each member of the report and analyze it to piece together the information.

Level 7: Share- The information is Not just for you. Others share your DNA around the planet and in the cosmos.

We do it be-cause it’s hard…”


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