Acknowledge – Affirm – Admire

The OuachitaMuur are thought to be a “lost” tribe of indigenous Americans.

Through meditation, spiritual guidance and research…it is clear indigenous people existed on the lands of the Americas thousands of years before European colonist and AfRaKan Indigenous American People (AIAP) still exist today…like me.


It was only by practice of involuntary chattel slavery and governmental re-classification that the OuachitaMuur are not listed as native Americas.

How the OuachitaMuur came about ?

Ethnic Lineage:  
#People of Mu, AMuRaKans during the Pangaea thousands of years ago;
#Kingdoms of Kemet, KMT  –>Dogon tribes –>Olmecs  of approx 1,000 BC;
#MeXians + Olmecs + AMuRaKans –> OuachitaMuurs of approx 33 AD;
#OuachitaMuur +Moors –> OuachitaMuurs of the 8th century; 
#OuachitaMuur + AfRaKan-Americans –> OuachitaMuurs 14th century until today.

Who are the OuachitaMuur today?

We have genetic typing originating from what is now central Africa but clearly evolved to adapt to a climate of south-central North America.  Our features are very similar to the people of New Guinea…the copper-colored people as described by European colonist ( AMuRaKans).  Some of us include bio-physiques of western AfRaKans even though we are realistically only 1/10th AfRaKan-American.


We trace our tribal lands by acknowledging the ancestors we Know (biological maternal family) who lived in the areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas Ouachita mountain ranges.


We are AIAP spiritually evolved and aligned to inter-stand, embrace and actively practice the ways of KMT and ancient Nubia.

The pages of this site serve a purpose to Acknowledge, Affirm and Admire the OuachitaMuur tribe.  Through research, studies and philosophical gatherings, we will build ancestral blueprints and re-awaken the people of the OuachitaMuur.

The OuachitaMuur are NOT to be confused with the Washita-Muur of Louisiana who are/may be tribes obsorbed by the Choctaw indians of today.  The OuachitaMuur were most likely obsorbed by the Chickasaw indians of today based on fact we have near relatives on the Chickasaw roles by the bureau of indian affairs.

Here, I link this blog to my Kemetic Studies pages and posts that help to awaken the existence and my identity…

I hope these pages will encourage all to continue seeking the Truth.